Ocean’s charisma - “Ocean’s Eleven”

Robbing the biggest casinos in the world never looked so good and never felt so easy. Cause Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan stink of class, confidence, and making things work. Tonight, the house does not win.



Cinematography Sins: The disasters of film adaptations

Book to movie adaptations have long been one of the most debated upon topics by readers and viewers alike. The genres they fall under are of little importance; fans of the novels always find things to complain about in the screen adaptations, be they fantasy, classics, young adult, or science-fiction.



The Quentin Tarantino wilderness

If you had a rebellious heart and dyslexia the 90s’Hollywood was nothing but heaven for you. We didn’t even have to wait for The Cold War to end, ‘cause the cinema had already shown us how much of a spoiled brat it can get even during it.