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Cinematography Sins: The disasters of film adaptations

Book to movie adaptations have long been one of the most debated upon topics by readers and viewers alike. The genres they fall under are of little importance; fans of the novels always find things to complain about in the screen adaptations, be they fantasy, classics, young adult, or science-fiction.



Gen Z. A study

Being curious about how generations have progressed over the years and given the recent mentalities as well as the fact that Gen Z has started being more outspoken about certain taboo subjects, I’ve decided to conduct a study to find out what teenagers really think.



The Quentin Tarantino wilderness

If you had a rebellious heart and dyslexia the 90s’Hollywood was nothing but heaven for you. We didn’t even have to wait for The Cold War to end, ‘cause the cinema had already shown us how much of a spoiled brat it can get even during it.



Is Putin afraid of a YouTuber?

The wind of change is once again sweeping through Russian cities, threatening to open Kremlin’s gates and unveil its corruption scandals. This time, the wind has a name and it is Alexei Navalny.



In case you come back

i've got one page left for you
a blank beautiful page
in case you come back
i wouldn't want to start another notebook



2020: A Year We Won't Forget

Looking back at 2020, we don’t really seem to remember anything else than the fact that a global pandemic had started. It has been indeed a very stressful year for all of us, with feelings like fear, uncertainty, and frustration reigning over our minds and hearts.



About The Woman Who Defied Feminism

“Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” - the Equal Rights Amendment