The 63rd edition of the GRAMMY Awards has had the music industry in a continuous uproar since the nomination announcements and, with the winners finally in possession of their prizes, it seems as though the distaste of the public has been given renewed strength.



Gen Z. A study

Being curious about how generations have progressed over the years and given the recent mentalities as well as the fact that Gen Z has started being more outspoken about certain taboo subjects, I’ve decided to conduct a study to find out what teenagers really think.



Is Putin afraid of a YouTuber?

The wind of change is once again sweeping through Russian cities, threatening to open Kremlin’s gates and unveil its corruption scandals. This time, the wind has a name and it is Alexei Navalny.



On fantasy, escapism and fantasial worlds

There are few feelings that compare to being sucked into a book’s universe. And, in spite of all the differences between these wondrous worlds and the reality we have to face every day, fantasy novels just seem to get us hooked a bit quicker than any other genre, regardless of our age. But what is it exactly that makes us yearn for these stories filled with magical adventures and elements that, logically, we know are never going to happen? After all, it is much more likely that a romance novel, or even a murder mystery, should become relatable to our day to day existence and routine. So why do we set ourselves up for disappointment?