2021 is all about reinterpreting 2000’s trends as we all have seen this past year as well. From this season’s ‘it’ colours to fabrics and resurfacing brands, I will be walking you through the hottest trends, and how to dress like your favourite celebrities, on a budget.

1. Puff Sleeves

Although you might think you would look like a runaway Cinderella in desperate need of a cab, puff sleeves are much more wearable than expected. Here is how high fashion has reinterpreted this trend as well as some outfit ideas that should prove you wrong.

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2. Low waist pants

I am sorry to let you know, but the trend we all feared the most has now taken over our hearts again. Fortunately, the modern take on low rise jeans is not only more flattering, but stylish as well.

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3. Colors

A. Pastels

There is no doubt that pastels are the staple of spring. The already familiar sage green has now been accompanied by baby blue, a new favourite amongst celebrities and on the runway.

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B. Light Neutrals

All throughout the cold season we have seen brown popping up everywhere. As the weather gets warmer, colours become lighter. Therefore, ecru, camel and cream are this season’s staples.

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4. Fabrics

A. Breezy Linen

The fresh feeling of linen can never go out of style. More than ever, the raw neutral tones of linen fabric have been the star of the show thanks to Jacquemus’ catwalks full of A-list celebrities rocking everything linen.

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B. Textured pants

Whether it is velvet, metallics or glitters, influencers, celebrities and models have been into extra fabrics since forever. Fortunately, this season has made textured pants more approachable, as high fashion has pressured the industry into offering cheaper and more wearable alternatives.

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C. Mesh

Transparent, flowy and full of ruffles, mesh tops are the perfect way to elevate any simple outfit. They can be styled in a casual, formal or elegant way so they are very versatile. Harry Styles is proof:

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5. Resurfacing brands

A. Lacoste

Lacoste was known as the dad brand-until recently. As polo shirts are coming back in style, Lacoste has had a popularity boost in the past few months. Besides the solid-coloured short sleeved shirts, new reinvented styles have emerged. Here are some of my faves and how others have incorporated Lacoste in their outfits.

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B. Telfar

Although established in 2005, Telfar has only been a tremendous hit since recently. Thanks to celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid, the Telfar tote has been the new it bag. Fortunately for us, this new trend comes at far more accessible prices than other designer bags we have been eyeing since forever as well as various colourways and 3 sizes.

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