Trends: Worth buying or ephemeral?

Trend culture has seen a surge in the speed of new and up and coming “It” pieces. We used to categorize trends by decades, as everyone pictures the 70’s with flared torusers and the 90’s with low waisted jeans. Those times are gone. Nowadays, any innovative and exclusive designs one might launch will be seen on the shelves of your average mall shop within a month. Fast fashion is to blame. Not only is our planet suffering profoundly from our greed and easily bored selves, but it has turned fashion into a way of fitting into a box, not a means to self expression.
Today I will be discussing current trends and if they are worth investing in or will be seen on clearance sale next season.


Starting off strong, loafers have always been a staple in anyone’s closet. With Prada and Gucci reinventing the classic loafer, fast-fashion brands such as Zara, Asos or Forever21 have brought cheaper alternatives on the market. Although currently a trend bigger than ever, loafers are too a classic to ever be considered obsolete. Here are some great affordable alternatives:

Chunky flip flops

On the other side of the spectrum, we have seen chinky flip flops come and go in the 2000’s, and have recently made a huge comeback.”The row”along Ambush and other high end brands called the shots and made these shoes a thing again. This fluctuating pattern is what shows for certain that a year from now everyone will frown upon chunky flip flops again.

Boxing shorts

This trend hasn’t been around for a while but it will deffinitely gain traction. As we all know, it it common that fashion takes inspiration from other fields, especially sports. For instance, we are all familiar with the famous Jordan 1 sneaker that was initially a basketball shoe.With all that in mind,although there are a myriad of cute pieces out there, such a specific trend can be easily overworn and become boring at the snap of a finger.

Bermuda jeans

A better alternative to boxing shorts are bermuda jeans. Popular since last year, the don’t seem to be going anywhere. Their sillhouete is classy as well as more modest than most shorts and provide a great option for a casual date or a formal meeting if paired with heels.

Racing jackets

As I previously mentioned, sports have a big influence on fashion. Vetements reivented them in 2017 and have picked up again in 2021. Although racing jackets might be effortlesly cool they are hard to pair with multiple outfits and tend to be forgotten by the end of the year. I would suggest vintage shopping, as many can be found on second hand websites.

Leather Bomber jackets

A more classic appropach to the nascar jacket is the leather bomber that won’t go anywhere anytime soon.It’s classy yet chicque sillouette is the reason for its versatility. Therefore, investing into a quality leather garment is the way to go.

Overall, everyone should wear what they are comfortable in, and try to keep a objective mindset when considering investing in your wardrobe, as classy pieces won’t go anywhere any time soon.

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fotograf: Sophia Lopotaru